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3D Imaging: 

We utilize low radiation CBCT scans for patients. This procedure is fast, simple and is delivered at a fraction of the cost at other facilities. The use of the CBCT allows us to visualize the available bone more precisely, to place implants in more ideal positions, and to place implants in sites that previously were deemed untreatable.

Virtual Implant Surgery and Planning Software: 

We utilize a number of implant placement planning software. The software employed is dependent upon the case to be treated, as each software system presents with pluses and minus’. Utilizing planning software in conjunction with referring dentists to plan ideal implant position ensures both the maximization of treatment outcomes, and a greater ease of restorative procedures for the referring dentists. In addition, temporary fixed prostheses may be fabricated in advance of implant placement where applicable, and easily inserted the day of implant placement.

Materials selection: 

We utilize only the highest quality implant and regenerative materials. No products are employed, including implants and implant designs unless they have been tested and reported on prior to them being available for general utilization. 


This technique greatly facilitates extraction and implant procedures, through a form of ultrasonic vibrations. Piezosurgery is a very non-traumatic way to section bone or to “free up” fractured roots in sockets. The trauma to the bone is much less than any other available techniques. In addition, the healing response is much better than that of other techniques. Patient discomfort and bone resorption post therapy are minimized.

Growth Factors and Stem Cells:

This material is the next generation of regeneration therapy. The end result is a surgical site, which is rich in hard and soft tissue growth factors and/or stem cells. In contrast to PRP, this material is very easy to handle and is time released over ten to twelve days at the surgical site, significantly accelerating hard and soft tissue healing.

o    Procurement of the material is very simple and atraumatic for the patient. 

o    Hard and soft tissue healing are accelerated. Sites one week post operatively demonstrate the same degree of soft tissue healing as would usually be seen in sites two or three weeks postoperatively.

o    The quality of wound healing is significantly enhanced.

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