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Webinar - Interdisciplinary Management of a Fractured Tooth

Course Summary:

Crown-root fractures involve enamel, dentine and/or pulp and comprise up to 5% of all traumatic injuries. They are usually caused by direct trauma and maxillary anterior teeth are most often affected due to their anterior and labial relationship with the mandibular incisors.

Invasion of biological width by fracture line presents a clinical challenge in restorative planning and may require a combination of endodontic, periodontal, orthodontic and restorative procedures. Indication for the type of treatment depends on the amount of remaining tooth structure and the level of the fracture line.

The objective in the treatment is to expose sound supragingival tooth structure and make certain that all procedures can be managed with moisture and bleeding control.

Extraction, surgical crown lengthening, surgical extrusion and orthodontic extrusion are possible treatment options for a fractured tooth involving the biologic width.

In this lecture we will cover the interdisciplinary management of a fractured tooth, the treatment options and sequencing.

Target audience: Dentists and hygienists

Duration: 90 minutes (CE credits: 1.5 hours provided by Dentsply Sirona Implants, if a donation is made)

Donation to Cedars Cancer Foundation: (Suggested $95/webinar)*** *** The Cedars Cancer Foundation will issue your “CRA Charitable Donation Tax Receipt”


- Dr. Sara Behmanesh, periodontist

- Dr. Omid Kiarash, periodontist

Date & Times:

- Webinar (COMPLETED)

*** Thank you for your generous donation :) ***


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