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Patient’s Role in Treatment Success

No matter how successful the periodontal treatment has been, ultimately, you are the most important component in maintaining periodontal health. For the most lasting results, the patient must accept their role as a "co-therapist". You must take "ownership" of your periodontal condition to achieve the long-term success we mutually are seeking.

The first responsibility is to eliminate or better control factors that increase susceptibility to periodontal disease. Some of these factors include: smoking, diabetes and excessive use of alcohol.

Secondly, it is important to maintain immaculate daily plaque control. This is achieved through brushing and using other homecare aids such as floss, mouth rinses and interdental brushes. Most periodontal disease begins between the teeth. Therefore, we will recommend hygiene aids for your oral hygiene routine.

Lastly, you are responsible for maintaining regular periodontal maintenance appointments. The frequency of these visits is determined by your current dental health or disease state. We will coordinate visits with your family dentist based on the level of your periodontal condition. Most patients with moderate to advanced cases, or patients who may be highly susceptible to periodontal disease should have periodontal maintenance appointments every three to four months for their lifetime. Maintaining this schedule is very important to assist in controlling your periodontal disease.

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