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Life is a continuum of learning and improving one's self

Our Mission

Our mission at Zeeba Education is to provide excellence in dental continuing education to fellow colleagues. We wish to create the ideal environment conducive to learning and dialogue and the exchange of ideas amongst healthcare professionals. 


Located on the south shore of Montreal in the city of Saint-Lambert, Quebec our teaching philosophy and approach is to merge evidence based scientific literature and deliver it in a practical didactic and hands-on manner, making it useful and applicable to practicing dentists and their entire team.

Our continuing education director Dr. Omid Kiarash, is a periodontist from Montreal. He is a clinician, an educator, and a specialist who shares his passion for periodontics and implantology.

Under his guidance and leadership we believe the best approach to continuing dental education is to be interactive in a safe space, free to ask questions and challenge ideas in the pursuit of excellence for the delivery of the best care for each individual patient and the public at large. 

Our scientific planning committee director Dr. Sara Behmanesh, in working with committee members, ensure the content of our CE activities is in keeping with the most current scientific evidence available, and what is known of the risks and benefits associated with the clinical and/or technical CE activity.  Course objectives are established and instructors best suited for the most up to date content expertise are invited.

All attendees will be kept abreast at all times by our CE Coordinator, who with more than 25 years of experience in the field. From registration, to course logistics through completion and course feedback evaluations, all are managed around the pillars of 5 star customer service experience for all our participants.

We look forward to welcoming you on board this exciting journey together in pursuit of excellence in dental care.

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