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Gummy Smile Correction

Creating a great looking smile is in large part dependent on the shape of the gum tissues. In some cases, excess gum tissues need to be reshaped to create a more cosmetically pleasing shape or contour.


A similar cosmetic problem can be encountered if one or more teeth are too short. The procedure to correct these cosmetic problems usually is minor. The procedure can be thought of as a manicure for the gums.


There are other situations where there is a need for more gum tissue that can be addressed with “Gum Grafting” procedures.

These procedure are very routine and are typically performed simply with local anesthesia in our office and patient can return to work the next day.


In cases where the patient has dental anxiety, the procedure can be provided under IV sedation for your comfort. In these cases you will need to be accompanied to your appointment with an adult to take you home after the procedure.

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