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9 modules - over 18 days
over 144 hours of CE

for General Dentists

Included in the Curriculum:
18 days of In-Person & Webinar Didactic Lectures
10 In Person Hands-on Workshops
2 Surgeries on Your Own Patients*
Private Community Mentoring Group
Small Field CBCT Certification
Exceeds ODQ & RCDSO Implantology CE Requirements

* additional surgeries can be performed at an additional cost of $2,500/surgery

Module 1: October 28/29, 2022
Implant case selection & treatment planning for fixed and removable prosthesis

Module 2: November 11/12, 2022
Radiology CBCT Certification (Small Field of View)

Module 3: December 2/3, 2022

Implant Prosthetics (part 1): Implant restorative principles, for fixed and removable implant supported restorations (conventional & digital implant impressions)

Module 4: January 13/14, 2023
Implant Prosthetics (part 2): Implant restorative principles, for fixed and removable implant supported restorations (temporization & delivery of final restorations)

Module 5: February 3/4, 2023
Dental implant surgical principles.

Module 6: February 17/18, 2023
Atraumatic extraction and ridge augmentation (anterior and posterior teeth)
Module 7: March 24/25, 2023
Management of soft tissue around dental implants (soft tissue grafting, management of the papilla and indications for implant temporization) 

Module 8: April 21/22, 2023
Surgical and prosthetic Complications and peri-implantitis (diagnosis and management)

Module 9: April 28/29, 2023
Surgery on Your Own Patient (optional)

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Dr. Omid Kiarash, Dr. Sara Behmanesh, Dr. Lauran Franco, Dr. Radiologist

Dental Implant Mini-Residency

This course is focused on teaching clinicians the tools necessary to treat “the ideal” dental implant patient, in their own office. Directed by Dr. Kiarash (Periodontist) and Dr. Behmanesh (Periodontist).

This mini residency offers well balanced surgical and restorative perspectives on:

  1. Case selection

  2. Treatment planning

  3. Surgical placement

  4. Final restoration of dental implants with ideal results for your patients

Course participants will learn the concepts and skills to fabricate a radiographic guide and utilize the latest CBCT technology and 3D imaging software to treatment plan the surgical phase of the procedure based on a restoratively driven treatment approach.

Continued mentorship will be provided for course participants upon completion of the course for up to 1 year.

It is critical for the successful completion of the course that the participant attends all 9 modules of the mini-residency. Effective learning and mentorship hinges on understanding each of the educational building blocks covered in the course to provide successful dental implant therapy for your patients.

Why Should Every General Dentist Attend This Course?

The Soft Tissue Grafting course is designed for clinicians who wish to sharpen and expand their surgical skill set to a more advanced level, as well as for clinicians who simply wish to stay abreast of all the new approaches and current philosophies on soft tissue management during implant site preparation, at time of implant placement, as part of peri-implant maintenance, as well as around exposed roots of natural teeth. 

This advanced surgical hands-on course is centered on our teaching philosophy and approach; to merge evidence based scientific literatures and deliver it in a practical hands-on manner, making it useful and applicable to everyday practice for the general dentist. 

The full spectrum of soft tissue surgical techniques will be discussed and presented, including periodontal plastic surgical procedures. All course participants will be provided the opportunity to perform the hands-on practicum exercises on pig jaws covering all the discussed techniques. Esthetic zone reconstruction as well as soft tissue complications will be addressed.

This course will also include a hands-on soft tissue grafting workshop.

Top Reasons to Attend this Course:

  1. Course is offered by current and former university professors, specialized in the discipline of implant dentistry, who have dedicated their careers to education. Combined they have over 3 decades of specialist knowledge and hands on clinical experiences to share, based on the backbone of evidence-based research in implant dentistry. 

  2. ODQ members will receive a total of 158 Preferred CE credits (Surgical: 92 CE & Prosthetic: 66 CE).

  3. RCDSO members will receive a total of 110 CE credits (Surgical 62 CE & Prosthetic 48 CE).

  4. Meets new RCDSO guidelines & ODQ requirements for practicing implant dentistry.

  5. Online webinars for participants with course directors between modules.

  6. Private exclusive community forum for participants to discuss with course directors.

Course Topics:

  • Dental Implant Basics

  • Patient Evaluation: Surgical and Prosthetic Considerations

  • Teamwork and When to Refer an Implant Case

  • Case Selection and Treatment Planning

  • Dental Implant Surgical Basics and Protocols

  • Implant Vs Tooth: Biology and Anatomy

  • Bone Physiology & Healing

  • How to Present a Treatment Plan to the Patient

  • Hands-on Basic to Advanced Suturing Techniques

  • Hands-on Implant Surgery on Typodont Jaws and Pig Jaws

  • Hands-on Surgical Techniques on Pig Jaws

  • Hands-on Flap and Suturing Exercises on Pig Jaws

  • Flap Design, Management of Hard and Soft tissue

  • Incision Design for Each Stage of Surgery 

  • Informed Consent

  • Review Case Selection and SAC Classification

  • Discuss Concepts of Ideal Implant Placement

  • Temporization Overview and Options

  • Overview of Atraumatic Extraction and Ridge Preservation Procedures

  • Regenerative Material Selection and Workflow Algorithm 

  • Hands-on Atraumatic Extraction and Ridge Preservation Exercises on Pig Jaws

  • Overview of Soft Tissue Management Around Dental Implants 

  • Hands-on Soft Tissue Management Including Connective Tissue Grafting Around Dental Implants Exercises on Pig Jaws

  • Discussion of Minor Grafting Procedures for Implants

  • Radiographic / Surgical Stent Fabrication

  • Utilizing 3D Imaging and Treatment Planning Software

  • Anatomy Review & Discussion of Anatomical Danger Zones

  • Surgical and Restorative Complications

  • Antibiotic Therapy for Dental Implants

  • Pain Management for Dental Implant Therapy

  • Overview of Emergency Procedures

  • Overview of Implant Restorative Basics

  • Advances in Restorative Technology

  • Implant Impression Techniques (conventional and digital)

  • Treatment Plan: Surgical and Restorative, Digital Work Flow

  • Webinar Course for Dental Auxiliary - Learn How to Set-up for a Dental Implant Surgery

  • Review of the Steps of Dental Implant Surgery

  • Surgical Placement of Implants by Course Participants

  • Delivery of Final Implant Supported Restoration by Course Participants

  • Case Presentation by all Participants: Review Successes and Difficulties of Live Patient Surgeries & Restorations

  • Relationship Between Systemic Diseases and Implants Health

Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course, the attendees will be able to:

  1. Understand the crucial steps in case selection, workup and treatment planning to maximize success and increase patient satisfaction, in implant dentistry.

  2. Comprehend in more depth the prevailing biological and mechanical concepts at play, in implant dentistry.

  3. Understand and execute the concept of prosthetically driven treatment planning in implant dentistry

  4. Understand and perform the surgical principles in; implant site preparation, ridge preservation, implant placement and soft tissue management around dental implants.

  5. Understand the advantages in the utilization of CBCT technology; in treatment planning, in fabricating a radiographic & surgical guide, for dental implant therapy. 

  6. Perform surgical and restorative Implantology procedures on models and pig jaws.

  7. Perform live patient surgery on your own patient under the supervision and mentorship of the course instructors. 

  8. Restore the above patient’s dental implant under the supervision and mentorship of the course instructors. 

  9. Understand the surgical and restorative complications in implant dentistry, their prevention and management, along with a more in depth understand of the effect of systemic diseases on dental implants.


Dates & Times:

8:00am - 5:00pm

breakfast and lunch will be provided


3201 boul. Taschereau (suite 200)

Greenfield Park, QC J4V 2H4

Cost:    12 monthly payments of $997 + taxes  (Limited Space)


              1 lump payment of $10,997 + taxes 


CE:        8hrs lecture & 8hrs hands-on pig-jaw workshop
(AGD code: 490)

Suggestions (for Hands On session ONLY):

  1. Your loupe.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

- 50% refund will be issued up to 31 days prior to course start date

- No refund will be issued as of 30 days prior to course start date

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Zeeba - Education  

Nationally Approved PACE Program Provider for FAGD/MAGD credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by  

any regulatory authority or AGD endorsement.   

7/1/2022 to 6/30/2026.   

Provider ID# 399455 


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