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  1. Missing one tooth

  2. Missing multiple teeth

  3. Loose denture/uncomfortable partial denture

  4. Broken tooth

  5. Bad breath/taste, bleeding gums/sensitive teeth

  6. Unhappy with your smile

  7. Crowded/crooked teeth

  8. Scared of needles/procedures/dentists

  9. Short stubby teeth (gummy smile)

  10. Missing bone

  11. Loose/mobile teeth

  12. Discomfort cheering

  13. Gum disease

  14. Pregnancy and oral health

  15. Cancer treatment/chemotherapy/radiation therapy and gum health

  16. Blooding gums/exposed roots/sensitive roots

Gum disease

  1. What is gum disease

  2. Risk factors/contributory factors

  3. Gum disease and your overall health

  4. Treatment options

  5. Maintenning healthy gums after treatment

  6. Patients' role in treatment outcome success


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