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Live Virtual "Hands On"

Ridge Preservation & Augmentation

for General Dentists...
The New Standard of Care?

Class List

Live Virtual "Hands On"
Ridge Preservation & Augmentation
for General Dentists...
The New Standard of Care?
"from the comfort of your own home/office"
2-day Live Virtual Lecture & Live Virtual Hands On Course

March 24 & 25, 2022 (Eastern Time)
April 28 & 29, 2022
(Pacific Time)


*** Instruments, Sutures, & Pig Jaws will be shipped to you ***

Speakers: Dr. Omid Kiarash & Dr. Sara Behmanesh


Evidence based studies have demonstrated the biologically destructive process which ensues after a tooth is extracted. This natural process not only compromises the extraction site for a possible future implant supported restoration but can also compromise the support tissue around the adjacent teeth in the event they are to be used as abutment teeth for a bridge. Furthermore, an atrophic ridge underneath a pontic can lead to soft tissue concavities, which can create esthetic concerns for the patient if these regions are in the esthetic area, and discomfort from food accumulation when these pontic regions are in the posterior area of the mouth.


However, what the literature has also shown us is the majority of this naturally destructive process tends to occur within the first few weeks and months immediately after an extraction in susceptible individuals.


Ridge Preservation at the time of tooth extraction would thus be the best approach to not only minimize this adverse outcome but rather to capitalize on the naturally occurring wound healing physiology of the extraction socket to maximize bone growth.


Hence converting a “destructive/osteoclastic” event into a “bone growing/osteoblastic” one!!!


Why Should Every Dentist Attend This Course?

The Ridge Preservation course is designed for clinicians who wish to sharpen and expand their surgical skill set to a more advanced level, as well as for clinicians who simply wish to stay abreast of all the new approaches and current philosophies on hard tissue management during the extraction of a tooth and for implant site preparation.


This advanced surgical hands-on course is centered on ourteaching philosophy and approach; to merge evidence based scientific literatures and deliver it in a practical hands-on manner, making it useful and applicable to everyday practice for the general dentist.


The full spectrum of alveolar ridge preservation surgical techniques will be discussed and presented. All course participants will be provided the opportunity to perform the hands-on practicum exercises on pig jaws covering all the discussed techniques. 

This course will also include implant site development and a hands-on hard tissue grafting workshop. 


Top Reasons to Attend the Hands on Ridge Preservation & Augmentation Course:

In this course, you will:

  1. Understand the key principles of ridge preservation grafting procedures with predictable outcomes.

  2. Describe the science and art of ridge preservation grafting via unique interactive lecture discussions, video clips, hands on workshops and surgical demonstrations.

  3. Experience a welcoming and unique environment for increasing diagnostic and surgical skill sets.

  4. Learn not just the “how to”, but the “do’s” and “don’ts”

  5. Build confidence and develop your skill set with the most utilized ridge preservation grafting procedures in implant dentistry.

  6. Increase predictability and long-term stability of your bone graft and implant cases.


Course Topics:

  • Key principles for evidence based predictable ridge preservation grafting.

  • Site specific anatomy and wound healing of the extraction socket.

  • Soft tissue manipulation and incision/flap design for predictable bone grafting in obtaining primary closure in every time.

  • Optimal sequencing of ridge preservation procedures for successful implant surgery.

  • Guidelines, indications and surgical protocols for ridge preservation.

  • Most commonly used suturing techniques for ridge preservation.

  • Learning surgical steps and required armamentariums for a successful surgery.

  • Predictable protocols for extraction site management.

  • Growth factor technology (L-PRF, PRGF, PDGF) in conjunction with ridge preservation.

  • Risk management issues/ informed consent for ridge preservation grafting.

  • Recognition, management and prevention of complications associated with ridge preservation grafting.


Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  1. Describe our method and philosophy for ridge preservation grafting and gain confidence in clinical assessment of their cases.

  2. Comprehend the indications, guidelines and surgical steps for different methods of bone grafting.

  3. Have a better understanding of the anatomy and the biology of wound healing and bone graft maturation.

  4. Improve their skills in diagnosis, prevention, and management of intraoperative and post-operative complications associated with ridge preservation grafting.



Dates & Times:

Thursday: Evening Lecture (6pm-9pm VERIFY Time ZONE based on course dates)

Friday: All Day Lecture & Hands On (9am-6pm VERIFY Time ZONE based on course dates)


Cost:    $1,095 + taxes   (Limited Space - max 14 participants)


CE:        3hrs lecture & 8hrs hands-on pig-jaw practicum
              11 AGD CE credits (AGD code: 490)

              19 ODQ CE units


  1. Laptop with webcam. (tablets/iPads, phones recommended for hands on session)

  2. Reliable high-speed internet connection.

  3. Quiet & well lit environment, with NO background noise.

  4. Large table/countertop (for hands on session ONLY) for your laptop as well as instruments and pig jaws.

  5. Fridge (NOT freezer) to store the pig jaws prior to the course.

Suggestions (for Hands On session ONLY):

  1. Dental gloves.

  2. Dental mask.

  3. Your loupe.

IMPORTANT Virtual Hands On Course "Processes":

  1. Once you have registered for the course a Zoom Link will be emailed to you for both the evening and the all-day sessions.

  2. Purolator will ship a large box to you the week prior to the course.

  3. It is extremely important you open the box immediately to remove the pig jaws and place them into a fridge (NOT freezer).

  4. Do NOT remove the Saran Wrap around the pig jaws to maintain the moisture. You will receive further instructions during the evening Zoom session.

  5. Inside the Purolator shipping box you will also find instruments, sutures and a Purolator return shipping label. Keep everything inside the box until further instructions are provided during the evening Zoom session.

  6. Kindly protect the Purolator box against damage as it will serve as your return box to ship the instruments back after the course. Remember the return label is also provided inside the box. Further instructions will be provided on during the course.

  7. The evening session will be an interactive lecture format on the zoom platform.The full day session will begin by an interactive zoom lecture session in the morning, and the rest of he day will be an interactive zoom hands on session.

  8. You will require the pig jaws and all the instruments and sutures for the hands on session.

  9. Make sure to plan in advance to store the pig jaws in a fridge so you will have access to them on the day of the hands on session.

  10. You will receive 2 pig jaws (one maxilla and one mandible) and will need to keep them in the fridge on the day of the hands on session while you are performing the exercise on one jaw at a time.

  11. Kindly remember these pig jaws are ordered from a Health Canada approved butcher intended for human consumption. These are similar to pieces of meat found in your local grocery store. Therefore you may use the same precautions as you would storing any other piece of meat inside your fridge. Kindly remember NOT to remove the Saran Wrap around them to maintain their moisture.

  12. Be sure to have fully charged your laptop in advance.

  13. Also verify your internet connection in advance, where you wish to connect for both the evening and full day sessions. A speed greater than 40Mbps is required. 

  14. You may test your speed at the following website:

  15. Remember to dress comfortably on Saturday (perhaps in scrubs) as this is a long day. Breaks will be provided throughout the day and a lunch break will be given as well.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

- 50% refund will be issued up to 31 days prior to course start date

- No refund will be issued as of 30 days prior to course start date

Citagenix Providing:

Instruments, Sutures, Pig Jaws & Dermis Graft for the Hands On Exercise.

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Zeeba - Education  

Nationally Approved PACE Program Provider for FAGD/MAGD credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by  

any regulatory authority or AGD endorsement.   

7/1/2022 to 6/30/2026.   

Provider ID# 399455 


Dr. Omid Kiarash

DMD, MSD, Dip. Perio., ABP.

Dr. Kiarash is the President of the Canadian Academy of Periodontology. He is also the former director of the department of periodontics, Faculty of Dentistry at McGill University. Dr. Kiarash has received the prestigious American Academy of Periodontology Award for Excellence in Teaching. He is also the founder of the "Centre des Spécialistes Dentaires Zeeba" located on the south shore of Montreal in Saint-Lambert, Quebec, where he maintains his private practice.

Dr. Kiarash is a board certified specialist. He received his Postgraduate specialty training in Periodontics, as well as his masters in Periodontics and Dental Implantology at Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Kiarash has had extensive training in full mouth rehabilitation utilizing the most advanced surgical techniques in bone grafting and dental implantology under intravenous sedation.

Dr.Kiarash has presented at many national and international conferences. His field of interest is the treatment and management of advanced periodontal diseases and recession defects. Dr. Kiarash regularly teaches live hands-on courses to other dentists on the use of more advanced surgical techniques and protocols for the management of these conditions as well as the placement of dental implants.

Dr. Kiarash is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. He is the Immediate Past Chairman for the Predoctoral Directors Organization of the American Academy of Periodontology. Dr. Kiarash is the Study Club Director for the “Montreal Rive-Sud” ITI Study Club.

Dr. Sara Behmanesh

DDS, MS, Dip. Perio., ABP. 

Dr. Behmanesh is the current President of the Montreal Dental Club, the largest English dental association in Quebec. She is also on the Executive board of the Federation of Dental Societies of Greater Montreal.


Dr. Behmanesh attended University of Maryland School of Dentistry and finished her dental training in 2008. She then pursued a 3-year post-doctoral residency program in Periodontology at the same institution. She received a certificate in Periodontology and a Master of Science in Dentistry in 2011. As a resident, she was ambassador to the American Academy of Periodontology Foundation. Dr. Behmanesh is a board certified periodontist with an advanced training in bone grafting techniques, implant dentistry and full mouth rehabilitation. She joined "Centre de Spécialistes Dentaires Zeeba” in 2013.


Dr. Behmanesh joined McGill University in 2014 as a clinical instructor, faculty lecturer and course director in the Department of Periodontics. She has received the prestigious American Academy of Periodontology Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Dr. Behmanesh is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology and an active member of the International Team of Implantology. She is also a member of the American Academy of Periodontology committee. Dr. Behmanesh has a passion for teaching and is involved in hands-on Continuing Dental Education courses teaching advanced surgical techniques. She is also the director of 3 Spear Study Clubs in Saint Lambert.


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